Apr 08 2021


Can interior designers work remotely?

Everyone has needs for a small or large space they use. Offices or retail stores, for example, have partitions and common areas for occupants. If you are a boutique owner, you want a place that exudes a pleasing ambiance for your customers. If you are an employer, you want your employee to enjoy ergonomic workstations. Interior designers, then, can get a sense of an indoor environment if they physically visit their project site. Hence, it is questionable if one only works virtually.

The challenge if an interior works remotely

Thanks to ever-evolving technology, almost everything can be executed online, including designing interior spaces. Feasibly, it is just naming the app or platform to operate or choosing the communication channel for efficient collaborations. Today, the medium can be video telephony or video conferencing and sharing files like photos or plans. Therefore, the straightforward answer to the question, “can interior designers work remotely?” is yes. 

It is possible and workable, although it comes with conditional works like the following: 

Take clear photos. The sender needs to be excellent in photography, but the photographs should show the site clearly. Consequently, someone involved in this task should know how to utilize a camera and snap photos so the designer can assess the space through these.  

Send necessary materials. If photos are not enough, there are other materials to use to evaluate the space. The excellent alternatives are the marketing materials used to describe the property. It can be the virtual tour or walk-through, presentation, or brochure used by the real estate company or seller. 

Share the plan(s). A team of builders must have access to the drawings of the interior designer. Enabling access helps everyone, especially the client, to know the progress.    

With all of these and other possibilities, interior designers can conceptualize and prepare plans remotely. They can equally do other relevant tasks like costing and searching for elements to include. On the other hand, there are interior design services that demand personal visits like decorating and procurement.

Benefits of getting services from an interior designer online

Let’s say the interior designer concentrates on deliverable services even if working remotely. It is not only advantageous to them but also for the client and project.

Prevent disruptions. Virtual and real-time interactions propel project continuity. If this is the case, the development of it is doable to be on time. It is likewise helpful when a client needs urgent consultation or if the designer can’t come immediately to check the space. Moreover, the progress in interior design is most likely uninterrupted. It is shareable with the client as soon as possible.

Save time and energy. Clients and designers save time and energy on choosing virtual setups rather than employing more personal visits. It matters if any of them are far from the site or too busy to do it. Plus, it also demands the use of resources like the budget for transportation. 

Superb interior design not only creates stunning space; it also produces a comfortable environment. It leads to the idea of what interior designers can do to design pleasing indoor spaces. The good news is they can provide services even by working remotely.