Apr 20 2021


How much does a server cost for a small business?

The significance of a computer server and its cost is understandably imperceptible. You possibly recognize this if you are already seeking IT services for a small business. You may be curious to know what this all about and how expensive the server is. What does it mean to your company? 

Server, one of the IT services for small business

The cost of a server varies depending on various factors and types. Thus, before you invest in any of the choices worth it to try, you must be aware of its meaning.

Purpose and looks. A server is like any computer or machine you see but without the need for a monitor. Its purpose is to collect and transmit data to a network of computers, which are called clients. The appearances of servers also differ depending on how many and what types you include in your IT system. For companies with broad IT needs, it is typical that they maintain several servers to maintain. These are in server racks or closet computer servers. 

On the other side, servers can be non-physical if you employ the virtual platform. This one is generally associated with the managed IT services for a small business which the equipment is located offsite. 

Different types of servers. Without you knowing, you are already using servers on several occasions, including now. If you search online and enter a site, its web server provides the data or information for you. Aside from this, the other types of server comprise of:  

  • Database 
  • Web proxy 
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) 
  • File
  • DNS (Domain Name Service) 
  • Email   

The cost of a server for small companies

The two ways to have a server are leasing or buying personal server equipment. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so it is vital to consider cost factors. From these, make an option worthwhile for the needs of your business. Some of the matters you may include:

  • Bandwidth 
  • Number of computers and disk spaces
  • Required speed for data processing 
  • Your available office space for the physical machines
  • Capacity to maintain the equipment

Overall, it is a sound practice to consult or have a thorough assessment of your in-house infrastructure and your IT needs. These are excellent bases when you spend on servers. 

In terms of trends, the renting costs are more affordable if you choose the cloud server. Its price range is between $5 and $70. Leasing a dedicated server, on the other hand, is around $45 to $300 per month. The latter is more expensive, but it suits if the company handles daily loads of transactions or owns several online portals. If you want to purchase a server infrastructure, its average cost for a small business is around $1,000 to $3,000. Take note that there are additional costs other than renting or buying your servers. 

The advantage of leasing is it spares you from spending on space and maintenance. You have access to a tech company’s advanced facility. It is also a standard practice that the cost of IT services for a small business is fixed-rate per month or year. Buying server equipment allows you to have control over it and manage your data.