As a product design or an engineering company, you need to be able to precisely and professionally present your ideas to both the client and third parties who are engaged in construction or fabrication.

This is where computer-aided drafting, or CAD, comes in. CAD is the method in which the dimensions, scale, and important minutiae of the project are outlined and visually presented utilizing computer software.

The CAD model is basically a visual summary of all the estimations and considerations you have done behind the scenes. Without an accurate draft, the client would not have confidence in your design if it cannot be completely communicated, regardless of how detailed you know it to be.

Outsource Your Architectural CAD Drafting Services To Hired Smarter

We offer architectural CAD drafting services with the best prices compared to any of our competitors. Take your pick from our long line of experienced and highly skilled designers. Our quality of service is definitely next to none.

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CAD software calls for a good deal of knowledge and experience to achieve its full potential. I Hired Smart only hires experts who have been in the business for a long time and consistently deliver quality drawings to exactly represent the scope of your project.

Peace of mind

You need a CAD drafting services provider that gives you peace of mind and confidence that your requirements will be done well and on time.

Full Spectrum of service

I Hired Smarter offers complete services that include 2D and 3D modeling, architect models, contractor models, and life-like modeling among others. Get all your work completed through I Hired Smarter and save on the time and costs

Huge savings

Outsourcing the CAD work to I Hired Smarter means paying huge savings compared to maintaining an in-house team. You only pay for what you need. A far cry from having your in-house designer whom you will have to pay monthly salaries plus benefits.

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I Hired Smarter has everything you need – from construction, civil, electronic, electrical engineering, architectural drawing, architectural visualization, and interior design services.

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