I Hired Smarter provides the best Architectural drafting services to ensure your building is built the way it is conceived. You can take advantage of outsourcing benefits, like optimized use of space and easy access to high-level expertise.

The set of documents, consisting of drawings developed by the Architectural cad drafting services team is of utmost relevance for both the industry specialists and their clients.

How I Hired Smart’ architectural drafting services can help you

Reference for your future projects

A meticulously prepared collection of drawings and documentation are extremely beneficial while dealing with similar projects in the future. It generally saves time and resources if you can simply consult the documents from a preceding project, such as construction details, interior structure, types and blueprint of the material, and so on.

Maintenance and operation of the facility

Documentation and drawings designed by our freelance experts can support both the designer and the client during the maintenance and operation stage of a building. These construction and details, along with the blueprint of components in documentation, enable the right choices concerning the facility.

Provide legal safeguards

There is constantly a risk of running into a legal issue by architects and other professionals, and proper documentation helps if ever a dispute crops up with the client over any obligations concerning the building or the community. Meticulously prepared documentation can help you fend off legal actions. This record should consist of all the drawings, contractual details, and specifications.

Why hiring our architects makes sense for you

    • Our freelance architects invest in themselves, continuing to keep abreast with the latest developments, and are always careful of what they do.
    • We only hire experienced architects who have handled requirements for residential buildings, industrial complexes, parking garages, and other architectural design services.


    • With I Hired Smarter, you get to pick the best architect for you – someone who can handle all your requirements.


    • Outsourcing to I Hired Smarter can help you save big time in terms of money and time.

Architectural Drafting Services

Schematic Design

Our freelancers provide a graphical shape to your project idea. It essentially covers the main building form, space design, and 3D views – isometrics, axonometric, and perspectives.
We provide 2D and 3D drawings of the floor plans, cross-sections of the building, exterior building elevations, typical wall sections, and interior and exterior model views.

Construction Document

Our architects deliver architectural, MEP, landscape, and other documents. We offer completely annotated floor plans, all elements of the plan, rooms, doors, walls, and windows layout, sections view, shop drawings, exterior elevations, and as-built drawings.

We can produce a construction-ready design that consists of design-intent changes and also changes taking place from clash resolution.

Design Development

This stage involves completing the design and specifications of structural details, materials, and doors and windows location.

We provide detailed and precise drawings with overall dimensions, structural grid dimensions, floor plans, interior wall dimensions, general details, and cost estimation