Construction drawings offer a graphic representation of what is to be developed. They indicate the distribution of units, detailing, dimensions, and so on. They should be concise and organized to avoid vagueness and confusion. Setbacks and mistakes can be minimized by properly coordinating the drawings.

Construction drawings serve as part of the construction report that is integrated into tender documentation and then the contract documents for the construction projects.

While construction drawings can be made by hand, it is now more common to use computer-aided design software for better results.

Why hire our construction drawing services?

Outsource construction drawing services to I Hired Smarter for better integration of design and manufacturing services.

We can help you design drawings from sketches and descriptions, and we can modify CAD drawings for individual demands. Common drawing service areas include foundation plans, exterior elevations, roof and ceiling plans, floor plans, wall sections, building cross sections, and construction details.

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Invest in the Right Employee for Your Business in 3 Easy Steps

Coordination drawings for M and E

Outsourcing to us relieves contractors of their installation problems. Receive leveled and fully dimensioned drawings fast.

Architectural Layouts and Plans

Our freelancers are experts in producing sketches and CATSCAD surveys for architectural drawings.

3D Modelling Services

We will solve your need for 3D drawings by providing you with the best professionals available. Our engineers will create models for assembly details and visual displays.

Fire and Security Drawings

We know how important fire and security layouts are, that is why we only hire experts to help you design them.

Electrical Services Drawings

We draw small power layouts, lighting layouts, lightning protection, and other electrical drawings for all your needs.

Fabrication Drawings

We draw unique designs for just about every fabrication requirement you need.

Customized Title Blocks

Outsource your drawing requirements to us for customized title blocks to ensure high-quality design.

Why Choose I Hired Smarter For You Construction Drawing Requirements

For the best quality construction drawings, turn to I Hired Smart.

  • We provide a visual presentation of designs.
  • Hassle-free replication of drawings.
  • Smooth design alteration
  • Huge savings
  • A large pool of engineering and architecture talents
  • Consolidation of design and manufacturing processes

You Can Never Go Wrong With I Hired Smart

At I Hired Smart, We hire experienced professional drafters, designers, and architects who provide an extensive range of construction design and drawing services. Call us now so we can find out more about how we can help you!

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