Prior to starting your remodeling or expansion of your home, you will require technical house plans to present to your general contractor. Drawing a sketch takes a lot of skill, so doing it yourself is out of the question. If you already have an engineer and a design, you will need a drafting technician to convert your format to a representation for the contractor to follow.

Why Hire A Draftsman?

While small renovation projects do not require hiring a draftsman, larger ones do. The draftsman you hire will primarily prepare technical designs using specialized software. The software they use transforms designs into helpful blueprints. A drafter will provide you accurate plans that will empower you to do specific costings for your project. You may even save money by proposing cost-cutting design modifications.

1. Saves on cost

Hiring a drafter is especially useful if you are operating on a steep budget. While you can also hire an architect to do the job, a draftsman is just as capable. A draftsman will charge you only around 1% to 3% of the overall building costs. An architect, on the other hand, might charge you 10% of the cost. You will definitely save a lot of money by hiring a draftsman.

2. For simple jobs

Architects can take on complex jobs, from practical to artistic features of a structure. They also have to deal with different features, including zoning, codes, fire regulations, and more.

A draftsman’s work is simpler. Most houses are more practical and logical, something a draftsman is more appropriate.

3. Hire the right person

Trust a draftsman to perform simple tasks for your building project. Draftsmen can likewise help you in going ahead with the consent processes. It does not matter if you aim to develop a modern restroom or include a new door or window. A drafting technician can be very useful.

Area of Specialization

A draftsman’s area of specialization are the following:

    • Civil Engineering
    • Construction Drawing
    • Architectural Drafting
    • Architectural Visualization
    • Electronic Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering

Let I Hired Smarter Help You

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