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What We Do

Remote Work Done Right

i Hired Smarter is an offshore outsourcing firm that provides affordable and highly skilled offshore staff specialized in CADs.

With i Hired Smarter, you can work with your outsourced employees as efficiently as if you were under the same roof. We make hiring and managing your remote personnel easy so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Hire Remote Offshore CAD Experts
  • Reduce labor costs by 1/3 of traditional costs
  • Construction, Engineering, Architecture Have Been Our Focus For More Than 20 Years.
  • Leave Managing Your Remote Employees to Us So You Can Focus On Your Core Business Operations

Top 7 Reasons to Choose i Hired Smarter

Not many firms can boast of that. Consequently, we have garnered an in-depth understanding of the skills required in this field. And we are proud to say that we have a pool of offshore talents to offer for your CAD designs.

If you are looking for the best talents to grow your business even while on a budget, choose i Hired Smarter as your offshore outsourcing company. We provide you with highly trained CAD from India to boost your firm’s technical prowess and become more competitive.

We are committed to helping small and mid-sized construction, engineering, architecture, obtain the same value as large-scale corporations without breaking the bank.

i Hired Smarter has a large customer support team, so we will outsource our employees with all of the computer security and support they will need while working with no additional charge to you.

When you work with i Hired Smarter, you do not get a vendor but a partner. We understand that each client is different just as their needs are. Hence, we are always sensitive to your basal problems and work to offer you the best value you could possibly get.

By having i Hired Smarter as your offshore outsourcing firm, you can focus on your core business while we help you manage your offshore employee(s). We value transparency and would always keep you updated in real-time.

Knowing a business owner like you may work outside regular working hours, we can hire employees to work custom hours or the standard 8-5. Completely customizable, tell us what you need!


Invest in the Right Employee for Your Business in 3 Easy Steps

Send your hiring requirement

Step 1

Send in your requirements

Interview your candidates

Step 2

Interview your candidates

Welcome your new employee

Step 3

Welcome your new employee.


i Hired Smarter Makes It Simple, Hassle-Free, and Affordable to Hire Remote Employees.

Key Benefits of Hiring Offshore Personnel

Tremendous cost savings

Tremendous Cost Savings

With our offshore staffing, you get employees from India, one of the largest tech-pools in the world, yet at a fraction of the cost of hiring a US-based technician.

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Time Savings

No need spending valuable hours placing ads, interviewing, and training potential employees. At I Hired Smarter, we provide you with experienced and seasoned staff so you can put them to work as quickly as possible.

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Focus on your core business

Focus on Your Core Business

As your outsourced staffing company, we help you manage your remote team so you can focus on generating revenue and growing your business.

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Availability of better talents

Availability of Better Talents

Seeking out the best local talents to grow your business is not always easy, as the best are most likely already taken. But outsourced staffing gives you access to highly-skilled professionals on-demand.

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You gain a competitive edge

You Gain a Competitive Edge

Having cost and time savings, flexibility, available skilled-workforce, and increased productivity are all symbols of business growth. Stand tall among your competitors.

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Why not stay frosty with a copy of our recently published report, “21 Questions To Ask A Company Before You Hire An Outsourced Employee From Them”

This report will inform you about crucial questions to ask any outsourcing company BEFORE beginning the hiring process.

Kindly fill out the form below, and we’ll send you a copy right away!


    Is This You?

    Are you an engineering/construction firm looking to hire remote employees for your engineering and architectural designs?


    i Hired Smarter Specializes in Providing Remote Offshore Personnel Highly-Skilled in:

    • Engineering/Construction and Architectural designs

    i Hired Smarter is an outsourced staffing company that provides you skilled offshore staff from India specialized in CADs. With i Hired Smarter, you get the best fit experts quickly and affordably.

    For Construction / Engineering and Architecture Firms

    If you’re looking for a highly skilled but affordable offshore employee in the following areas,
    • Civil Engineering
    • Electronic Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Construction Drawing
    • Architectural Drawing
    • Architectural Visualization
    Looking for affordable offshore employee
    you have Auto CAD projects & looking for professional

    Is This You?

    • You are under pressure due to limited hands for your AutoCAD projects.
    • You can’t find local competent hands.
    • You can’t manage remote workers effectively.
    • You want to hire skilled-labor on a budget.
    If any of the above applies to you, i Hired Smarter provides you the best solutions.

    Is This You?

    • You’re a small or mid-sized business on a budget but looking for skilled IT professionals.
    • You want to focus on your revenue-generating business rather than having to devote all your time to hiring new technicians?
    • You know that hiring people cost your business money and, more importantly, your precious time!
    • You want to gain a competitive edge by obtaining talents from one of the largest tech-pools in the world—India!
    • You desire to have a team that enjoys remote work and is used to it!
    • You desire to expand your business in the US but lack the capital or local workforce.
    If any of the above applies to you, i Hired Smarter provides you the best solutions.
    i Hired Smarter provides you the best solutions.

    Engineering & Construction

    Remote Offshore Employees for Engineering & Construction Firms

    The field of construction engineering and architecture is one that comes with so many operational requirements, from CADs to project management and IT support. Being a high in-demand company, you most likely are looking for ways to streamline your business and maintain control of your multiple construction projects while minimizing cost and improving profitability.

    But as your construction firm secures more and bigger projects, you discover that your workforce spreads thinner. You have fewer available technicians to run your architectural and structural CAD designs, which puts you at risk of missing deadlines. And that isn’t good for business.

    How do you find the right fit expert to hire for an AutoCAD design you need quickly? And why should you stay committed to paying heavy wages to a design technician when you only have one quick project for them at the moment?

    What you need is a team of remote offshore employees.

    Building a Design Team of Offshore Employees

    I Hired Smarter specializes in providing offshore design personnel highly-skilled in the Engineering and Architectural industry. Whether you’re looking for a CAD expert or an IT technician to handle your construction firm’s computer support and IT security, we’ve got you covered.

    We provide you skilled offshore staff from India specialized in CADs and IT. This offers more profitability to your business as you would be paying less than the expected wages of a US-based expert.

    With i Hired Smarter, you get the best-fit experts quickly, easily, and affordably, thereby promoting business growth.

    Areas We Cover

    At i Hired Smarter, you can get educated and seasoned design experts specialized in the following areas of engineering focus:

    Civil Engineering
    Construction Drawing
    Architectural Drafting
    Architectural Visualization
    Electronic Engineering
    Electrical Engineering

    You can always rely on us to build your own offshore construction engineering design team. We never run out of hands, and we never run out of results.

    We are committed to offering professionalism with a personal touch and would help you save both time and money with our one-hour response time guarantee. Our agents are always available round-the-clock to respond to your request.

    Additionally, we guarantee quality results. If you are unsatisfied with your design delivery, you do not pay. Simple!

    money back guaranteed

    Why You Need Offshore Outsourced Staffing for Your Engineering / Construction Design Projects

    You have limited hands for your AutoCAD projects.

    With so many projects lined up on your construction firm’s shoulders, you find your design team lacking adequate hands. There is no need to employ a full-time design staff—outsource your CAD projects offshore and pay less than you would a full-time employee.

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    You can’t find local competent hands

    As an engineering company, you may find yourself under pressure to hire experts for your construction projects. But then, most of the good ones are already employed full-time. So how do you hire a full-time expert without paying more? The answer? Offshore staffing!

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    It is typical for companies to have varying amounts of work periodically. One month, your construction/engineering firm may have a pile load of projects, but the following week there might be almost no work. For this reason, you may not want to hire and stay committed to paying a permanent employee when you can pay a temporary offshore staff only when you need their services.

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    You can’t manage remote workers effectively.

    Managing an offshore team miles away can be a bit of a hassle, especially when you have a local team to manage as well. But with an outsourced staffing company like I Hired Smarter, we help you manage your offshore team, thus enabling you to focus on other essential business operations.

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    Hiring Your Offshore Design Personnel—You Stay in Control

    You may have tried hiring remote design employees through other means but got very disappointing results. It could be that you were kept in the dark as regards the management of your employees. But when you choose I Hired Smarter as your offshore outsourcing company, you enjoy the transparency.

    When you tell us your needs, we proffer suitable candidates from India according to your request. You assess and hire your choice—we never impose employees on you. However, we make the hiring process easy and quick to speed up your workflow.

    We also help you co-manage your employees to relieve you of some burden, thereby allowing you to focus on other core aspects of your construction projects.

    Enjoy Cost Reductions and Streamlined Operations from Your Offshore Design Team

    One major benefit of hiring offshore employees is immense savings on the cost of production. By outsourcing your CAD designs to experts in India, you would notice considerable cost savings on your payroll.

    Knowing most business owners like you work outside the typical 9-5, we offer round-the-clock support. You can rely on us to always meet you at the point of your needs.

    We’ve Got You Covered!

    i Hired Smarter is an offshore staffing company specialized in providing you skilled IT experts from India. We believe in business growth through technology and so enable you to tap into one of the greatest-tech pools in the world—India.

    By having a team of offshore employees building and managing your IT infrastructure, you can focus on your revenue-generating business operations, thus growing your business efficiently.

    Additionally, you hire your remote offshore employees in India at a fraction of the local cost.

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