Outsourced Staffing Company for Engineering, Design Professionals.

Based in Cary, North Carolina, i Hired Smarter is an outsourcing firm that provides highly talented hands for your engineering and architectural design needs. We also offer outsourced staffing companies in the United States and worldwide.

We understand the numerous problems engineering & construction firms often face. You may be racing against the clock to finish a structural or architectural design. With your entire staff occupied with ongoing projects, what you need is extra hands.

But why hire a full-time employee when you can outsource the job remotely to a talented professional at one-third the cost? That is why we are here.

At i Hired Smarter, we make hiring expert hands for your engineering needs easy and cost-effective.


Our Founder, Adam Pittman, is currently the president of an IT MSP (IT Managed Services Provider) company named Computabilities, Inc. The company provides several managed IT services to different industries, the most prevalent being construction, and engineering.

As fate would have it, Adam observed that many of his engineering clients complained that they find it very difficult to hire and retain engineers and Computer-Aided Design technicians. Necessity, being what it is, brought him to the sudden realization that he should start outsourcing these much-needed talents at about 1/3 of the actual cost. And that was how i Hired Smarter was born.

About Founder

Adam Pittman

Adam Pittman is the Founder of i Hired Smarter and the current President of Computerbilities, Inc. With over 35 years of experience in the computer industry, Adam has assisted government agencies at both the local and federal levels. He has also provided esteemed IT services to over 2000 small, medium, and large scale enterprises, including General Dynamics, Boeing, and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Besides being a veteran Computer Technician and Network Engineer, Adam is also a world-class businessman. In 2017, he won both the Businessman of the Year award and the Secretary of Defense Patriotic Employer Award.

Few years before that, in 2013 precisely, his first company Computerbilities was named Best of Business Raleigh Business Services.

Adam also enjoys life and leisure in his spare time. His favorite hobby is sailing, and he has sailed the British and US Virgin Islands more than 12 times.


Adam’s Expertise

President/Founder of i Hired Smarter and Computerbilities, Adam Pittman, is a gem in the Cyber Security industry. To express how much he’s revered, he was featured in the documentary “Cyber Crime” as one of the 10 Leading Cyber Crime Experts in the US. In addition, he has also featured in several magazines and other television shows.

For over 20 years and counting, Adam has been a Cyber Security spokesperson in the Raleigh-Durham Community. To reinforce his influence in the tech industry, he wrote a book “Computers Should Just Work” and is currently working on another.

There is so much to learn from this expert, and it’s our pleasure to dedicate this page to his works and accomplishments.

Cyber Crime Movie

The documentary film “Cyber Crime” was premiered at the Pacific Theatre at the Grove in Los Angeles on May 15th, 2019. Directed by award-winning producer Jeff Roldan (owner of Roldan Companies Inc.) and Peter Verlezza, this film features Adam Pittman as one of the top 10 cybersecurity experts in the US.

In this documentary, each of the ten experts shares their expertise and experience on cybersecurity and how it can be harnessed by corporations, small business owners, and individuals in real-world scenarios.

The film is currently available on Amazon Prime l.


A Premium Outsourced Staffing Company Streamlining Operations While Slashing Costs

As a company, you want to have your core operations running smoothly and efficiently. That may require a larger team and hence, a higher cost.

But with an outsourcing company such as i Hired Smarter, you can get a huge part of your workload executed efficiently, allowing you to focus on other core business aspects.

We are a premium staffing company with numerous expert hands that align with your brand, identity, and values.

And even more importantly, you are hiring talents offshore at a location where you pay less for more. Hence, you enjoy immense cost savings while obtaining maximum productivity, thus crushing your competition.

Our Employees

Our employees are sourced from all parts of India, a country that boasts one of the best technical pools in recent years.

Here, you can get highly talented professionals in architectural and structural designs using CADs such as Revit, ArchiCad, AutoCad, and ProtaStructure, among others. You also get talents in software development, website development, cloud-based services, and other highly sought-for MSP or Managed IT Service providers.

And the icing on the cake is in that part of the world; you get the best technical services at a fraction of the normal cots. Spend less; enjoy more.

And i Hired Smarter makes it possible for you to hire such talents effortlessly.


United States
Client Base

We have a client base touching all regions in the United States and around the world. Over the past years, countless engineering and architectural firms in the United States have relied on us for their outsourced staffing needs.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to enable US businesses in the Engineering and Managed Services Industry to enjoy the cost and operational benefits that come with offshore outsourced staffing. Get highly-skilled design and IT professionals to speed up your work rate and productivity.


A Stepping Stone for SMEs in the Construction and Managed Services Industry

For years, offshore outsourcing has been a distant dream for small and medium scale engineering firms, and IT Managed Services providers. And their businesses have been limited as such firms lack the financial capability to employ high-end full-time technicians in the United States hiring scene. Now, you can obtain outsourced staffing easily and grow your business using on-demand talents.

Adams Speaking Engagements

The Harvard Club once hosted a program tagged Expert Story Summit.

In this speech, our president Adam Pittman discusses the inevitability of computer crashes and 5 simple ways to postpone when that happens.

In one interview on Arizona Daily Mix, Adam discusses certain things PC users are doing wrong to prevent their computers from crashing due to malicious programs. Although he was more specific to PC users, these things apply to any and every computer.

It will baffle you to know that in a world so digitally sophisticated, people still use passwords as simple as Password123. Hackers know these commonly used passwords, which is why they are sometimes successful. Adam Pittman, in this interview, addresses expert tips on creating fail-safe passwords.

Phishing scams are so prevalent in today’s world. Scammers send out web links posing as a trustworthy site or benefactor. And people hurriedly click such links, giving away sensitive information such as email passwords and credit card details. Our president talks about steps you can take to keep yourself and your family safe from such phishing attempts in this interview. Out of his cybersecurity experience, he discloses certain tell-tale signs you could watch out for to identify scammers.

For Daytime’s “In the Know” segment on WSLS channel 10, Adam reveals three essential IT tips you can do today to protect your money, financial information, and family. The tips he shared in this video are particularly for PC users and are very simple to apply. However, they can mean the difference between getting hacked and staying safe.

Imagine running a highly complex structural design only for the computer to crash just when you’re almost at the finish line. Could anything be so painful!

Adam Pittman, president/Founder of i Hired Smarter, discusses 5 essential things you can do to prevent your computer from crashing. This program was hosted by WKOB and is quite different from that hosted by the Harvard Club. He explains how he has been helping clients worldwide in prolonging their computers’ life span, preventing early and sudden crashes, and protecting them from malware and scams.

The tips he shared may sound simple but have been ignored by most computer users for decades, hence the high daily rate of people losing their data to malware and crashes. By implementing the tips from the video, you can use your computer with more peace of mind.