We're a staffing agency for 3d Designers

iHired Smarter is staffing agency for 3D designers

We’re a staffing agency for 3d designers

The best thing about staffing agencies is they match employers and employees. For years, i Hired Smarter does help in matching companies with potential candidates. It is considered a staffing agency for 3d Designers as it specializes in assisting construction, engineering, and architectural firms.As technology advances, the requirements for 3D modeling also evolve. The name of the game is to combine creative and technical skills. Most 3D designers are not only good at software tools like CAD, but they are also excellent in various creative skills such as photography, drawing, or sculpting. These employees help architectural firms create and present notable designs. Moreover, they also assist in other business aspects like improving studies and assessment of sketches.

However, seeking 3D designers is another matter. Sourcing tenths or hundreds of applicants requires resources, which is burdensome for construction or architectural companies. It is not if you get the service of i Hired Smarter as it offers the following features:

It is a specialized staffing agency. Compared to other recruitment firms, i Hired Smarter offers staffing solutions for architecture or engineering firms. The specialization delivers suitable solutions for both employers and employees in this industry.

As a staffing agency, i Hired Smarter lets companies to skip time-consuming steps to find 3D designers. It has a pool of skilled professionals who already undergo background checks about 3D designing. Plus, they are selected based on specified qualifications.

It is no ordinary staffing agency. Cost-effective business strategies have always been and will always be a part of companies’ success. Part of this is people management, which typically causes unpredictable expenses. It is since hiring, employing, and replacing employees demands costs. It also involves payments to solve problems like engaging mismatched employees or untimely resignations. Upfront, the staffing cost with i Hired Smarter is reasonable. The agency outsources employees from India, which is the home of excellent 3D designers. They are known for technical skills but demands lower rates compared to their counterparts in other countries.

Aside from this, i Hired Smarter provides extra care for clients and staff through round-a-clock technical support. Part of this free service is to secure the tools of the designers. In this way, their works are free from cyber threats.

It is a reliable partner that offers convenience. With i Hired Smarter, there are only three steps that clients need to do in engaging employees. These include sharing the qualifications info, interviewing candidates, and selecting the preferred 3D designers.

These simple steps save companies from using different apps and sites for job ads. They also get away from long waiting times in receiving enough applications, reviewing resumes, and selecting who to interview.


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