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company that offers internet access to individuals and businesses

What is the company that offers internet access to individuals and businesses?

Roughly there are 4.66 billion internet users in the world, as of January 2021, according to DataReportal. It includes individuals and businesses employing the World Wide Web for their matters. Do you wonder which company can provide the internet for you? Is it part of the list of IT services you can avail to a tech company? Which is the preferred internet type in the US?

Your company to enter the World Wide Web

The company or service that lets individuals or businesses access the World Wide Web is the Internet Service Providers or ISPs. For individuals, their providers are keys to easy searching, streaming, or messaging. It is almost the same with businesses that also reap various benefits whenever they connect to the internet.

Scale-up. It is a way for them to scale up even they comprise only a few in-house employees. They can reach more customers around the world and seek opportunities to level up their business. Moreover, it allows them to outsource with ease.

The clients of I Hired Smarter, for example, have access to its skilled professionals and various offers, including a list of IT services. Architecture and engineering firms can equally receive designs and drafts to manage or advance their businesses. The transactions are smoother, thanks to the reliable internet connections. 

Improve customer satisfaction. Reliable ISPs can also support companies to improve their business operations. They can turn 8-hour per day customer service into a 24/7, provide real-time sales transactions, or create an online portal for customers. 

Matters to consider in choosing an ISP

The US is lucky enough to have plenty of internet service providers, which approximately over 2,700. However, which one is worthy?

Fast. In whatever aspect, internet speed is everything when you carry out transactions online. It affects the productivity of employees that they finish a few tasks and miss their quotas. It likewise has impacts on business dealings with clients and partners. 

The ideal minimal speed is 25 Mbps, but fortunately, US internet users can enjoy over 30 Mbps. It makes live streaming, downloading, and sending messages easy-breezy. 

However, it is not always the case for companies with a bulk of data to download or upload processes daily. For engineering and architectural firms, it is typical to transfer large files like CAD. If their internet speed is slow and unreliable, it has an impact on their construction projects.

Economical. The average cost for monthly internet access in the US is between $50 and $60. On the lower end, it is around $35 per month and over $100 per month on the opposite side. 

The cost factors can shed light on why internet plans are expensive. Having faster internet, for example, can increase the price. Remember also that it depends on the types of ISP to get. Among these, DSL (digital subscriber line) is the most preferred one. It is usually the most expensive too. However, its price varies depending on the trend in a state. The other types of internet, not only in the US, are broadband and dedicated leased lines. Broadband has categories which include cable, fiber optic, satellite and mobile, and wireless or Wi-Fi.

Multi-service. Some ISPs don’t exclusively focus on providing the internet. They also offer a similar list of IT services, which other tech companies usually market. It includes data storage, web hosting, and email services. Hence, if the client likes a one-stop-shop company, this trait can be an attractive factor.

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